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Frugal Innovation in Global Surgery​

The GOAL-Trauma Study Blog Frugal Innovation in Global Surgery The Global Surgery movement aims to improve both health and health equity for all those in need of surgical care, regardless of geographical or financial backgrounds. Particular focus is given to patients and communities that are underserved or those who are experiencing conflict.  A key part…

Global Surgery and Global Trauma

For current standards of trauma care to be improved worldwide, a greater understanding of the current state of trauma laparotomy care is paramount if appropriate interventions and targets are to be identified and implemented

Student-Driven Research​

The GOAL-Trauma Study Blog Student-Driven Research InciSioN UK is a UK-based student and junior doctor group working to promote global surgery and access to safe surgery for all. Last month, InciSioN UK committee members organised a meeting with their medical student representatives to brief them on the upcoming GOAL-Trauma Study…. The meeting was attended by…

Addressing the Question

The GOAL-Trauma Study Blog Addressing the Question Traumatic injuries result in a huge burden of disease worldwide, contributing to nearly 10% deaths and large impacts to morbidity and disability rates worldwide. Developing healthcare systems globally to support the response to trauma is tricky – many counties have fragile health systems, with inadequate infrastructure and limited coordinated social support, alongside cultural and…

Getting Involved

The GOAL-Trauma study is already teeing up to be one of the largest studies ever on global trauma care. Amazingly, we’ve now had collaborators wanting to get involved from every continent across the world!