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InciSioN UK is a UK-based student and junior doctor group working to promote global surgery and access to safe surgery for all. Last month, InciSioN UK committee members organised a meeting with their medical student representatives to brief them on the upcoming GOAL-Trauma Study….

The meeting was attended by over 20 medical student representatives across various medical schools in the UK. The meeting was led by Rachel. the Research Lead of InciSioN UK, with support from Zheqing, the Vice Chair of InciSioN UK, and Wojciech, the Medical Student Network Lead

The meeting allowed for the GOAL-Trauma study to be presented to all attendees and allowed any questions to be answered. A group chat was subsequently set up to share key study documents, efficiently broadcast future announcements, and answer any further queries.


A Key Milestone in Student Trauma Research…

This marks a milestone in the collaboration between GOAL-Trauma and InciSioN UK, enabling the expansion of the outreach and recruitment efforts to hospitals across the UK in trauma.

Both students and doctors are key to the success of the GOAL-Trauma study. From setting up the study, to data collection, through to eventual study feedback, all involved will gain key research and audit skills and be included in the collaborative research model. More details are available on

The study is an excellent opportunity for medical students to be involved in a large-scale global research study on an important surgical topic. As the start of the data collection period approaches, we are hopeful that many more hospitals will be on board – if interested contact us today

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