The GOAL-Trauma study will provide a global snapshot of the current mortality rates following trauma laparotomy and insight into the variation seen in the time delays in receiving care, disease and patient factors, and overall patient outcomes

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Any hospital worldwide

Any hospital worldwide that performs emergency trauma surgery will be eligible to participate; a minimum of 1 case must be submitted by the centre during the 30 day study period to be eligible


All trauma laparotomy patients

We will include patients of all ages who present to hospital with a blunt or penetrating injury and undergo a trauma laparotomy within 5 days of presentation to the treating centre


Follow up for 30-days

Patients will be followed up from admission to discharge or 30-days post-operatively (whichever comes first)


Collaborative authorship model

Multiple teams can collect across separate study periods during the study window. All collaborators will be eligible for study authorship under the GOAl-Trauma collaborative

Trauma care is complex

“The GOAL-Trauma study will provide high quality observational multi-centre data on an important topic in trauma care. Identifying key patient and injury factors in patient’s undergoing trauma laparotomy, both pre-hospital and in-hospital, will ensure the primary data required to understand barriers and key target areas to improve overall care and outcomes.”

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