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Addressing the Question

Traumatic injuries result in a huge burden of disease worldwide, contributing to nearly 10% deaths and large impacts to morbidity and disability rates worldwide. Developing healthcare systems globally to support the response to trauma is tricky – many counties have fragile health systems, with inadequate infrastructure and limited coordinated social support, alongside cultural and contextual barriers

This leads to the question, how can trauma systems best be implemented on a global scale?

This is what the GOAL-Trauma study aims to provide an answer to. The trauma laparotomy is a key procedure in trauma care, both as a means to access identified injuries to organs within the abdomen and pelvis, or for exploratory diagnostic reasons (where cross-sectional imaging may not be easily feasible or available).

As such, the trauma laparotomy provides the opportune patient cohort to biopsy current trauma care standards globally.

The GOAL-Trauma study will provide a global snapshot of the current mortality rates following trauma laparotomy and insight into the variation seen in the time delays in receiving care, disease and patient factors, and overall patient outcomes

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